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We understand that most men just don't fit the traditional models of therapy. Most men just want a sounding board to figure out how to solve their problems and improve their life skills in order to successfully navigate relationships, careers, addictions, and life's challenges. 


Often guys need a unique set of circumstances to bring themselves to finally seek out help and find direction. We work with men of all ages and from all walks of life seeking to achieve healthier minds, improve their relationships, resolve anger issues, heal emotional wounds, overcome addictions, and live happier lives.


We provide you with personalized, straight-talking, guy-friendly therapy that is interactive and targeted to address men's problems, understand underlying causes, find solutions. and achieve self-mastery.  


If you are a man struggling with a mental health condition, addiction, or relationship problem, why wait? Call us and begin reclaiming your life and relationships today. To set up a counseling appointment call: 678-456-5887

~ Daniel P. David, Ph.D., LCSW

Men's Issues Therapist


"Most men just don't fit traditional models of therapy. That's why I practice more guy-friendly counseling, therapy, and life coaching approaches.  I work with men of all ages and walks of life who are seeking to find resolutions to their problems, learn the art of self-mastery, and achieve positive changes that lead to improved relationships, successful careers, and happier lives!"


Benefits of Counseling Therapy for Men like You!


  • Understand yourself better

  • Heal emotional wounds

  • Achieve deeper peace of mind

  • Develop mastery over your thoughts and behaviors

  • Overcome fears, anxiety, low self-confidence, etc. 

  • Improve your relationship patterns

  • Prevent self-sabotaging behaviors

  • Improve your depression

  • Discover your identity as a man

  • Re-invent yourself

  • Enhance your personal resilience


Why Wait? 

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Therapist Dr. Daniel P. David, Ph.D. works in collaboration with several psychiatrists in Atlanta including psychiatrists at Atlanta Psychiatry & Psychotherapy Associates, which provides the following premiere treatments for complex psychiatric and mental health conditions:


  • Patient-centered Psychiatric Treatments 

  • Psychopharmacology 

  • Outpatient Hospital Treatment for Mental Health

  • Inpatient Referrals to Peachford Hospital





Join Dr. David and Therapist Jon A. Parker, LPC for our Podcast Discussions about Men's Issues.

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Men's Issues

Men's Issues: Self-Assessment:

"Uniquely designed for guys"

Click on the PDF, download, and print.


* Disclaimer: This self-assessment is not a diagnostic tool. Therefore, you should always follow the guidance of your primary care physician or clinician. This information is for educational purposes only.  Click on the PDF file below, download, print out, and fill it out in a private, confidential setting. 


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Men's Life Institute 

Educational Videos and Materials

Timothy Wenger is the founder of the Man Effect. Timothy has a heart for men's issues.  He's interviewed dozens of men who are concerned about the well-being of men, boys, and the women that love them. I recommend that you click on the page above and read his articles and view his videos. 

Zoom Session Available!

Due COVID-19 Dr. David is conducting Zoom session until further notice. We want to make sure that your health is protected. 

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