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Men's Psychotherapy Groups

Our all-male therapy groups focus on the common challenges that modern men face today. Our men's groups provide members with a confidential space to explore and work through tough questions about their mental health, self-identity, and interpersonal relationships. 

Through supportive group interactions, giving and receiving feedback while working through personal questions and issues, members will gain mastery over many difficult areas of their lives. Members benefit by gaining new interpersonal relationship skills, social-effectiveness, self-confidence, and greater self-awareness. 

All our groups serve men of all ages, backgrounds, sexual orientations, socioeconomic demographics, and nationalities. Groups also provide therapeutic treatment for individuals suffering with a dual diagnosis. 

Join us and experience the change that you need and desire! Call us at 678-456-5887

Benefits of Group Psychotherapy 

We provide group therapy for all of our clients' needs. Group therapy is the most cost-effect, affordable way of creating real change within a person. Here is what the research says about group therapy:

  "Results indicated that participation in the mutual help group promoted perceived status benefits, which in turn led to reductions in depression and substance use" (Kingree & Thompson, 2000, p. 325). 

1. Increase self-awareness.
2. Improve your social skills and confidence.
3. Learn new interpersonal relationship skills.
4. Experience change in your self-esteem.
5. Tackle common issues that modern men face. 
6. Gain emotional strength and confidence.
7. Heal inner wounds from past hurts.
8. Discover your authentic male identity. 
9. Tap into your inner wise man. 
10. Find a supportive group experience.
11. Recover from depression, anxiety, addictions, etc.
12. Learn to "sage" not just age!


Call and Join Now! 678-456-2911



New Men's Group - Due to COVID our groups are put on hold. 

* Adult Men's 
Therapy Group
Addiction Recovery & Other Life Issues
Tuesdays 6PM-7:30PM

This a new weekly group is for 35 y/o + men suffering from alcoholism and/or drug addiction including prescription pill abuse. It is also for men who desire to address other issues such as relationship problems, depression, anxiety The group's focus is on recovery through evidence-based treatments and group support.


The aim is to help men like you to:


  • begin and stabilize your recovery

  • work on deeper psychological and emotional issues that cause cravings and chronic relapses

  • work on men's issues: relationships, depression, anxiety, career, self-development, etc.

  • experience support from others going through different stages of recovery

  • achieve a recovery lifestyle that enhances your wellness

  • experience changes that last 

  • find new direction and meaning through recovery


 Contact Information 678-456-5887



Wednesday Young Adult 
Men's Group Therapy (20's)
Wednesdays 6PM-7:30PM

This group is for young men 19 to 29 years old. The focus of this group is to:


  • find a supportive, confidential group of young men

  • improve your self-image, confidence, and self-esteem

  • overcome your problems that have held you back

  • heal your inner wounds that cause anger and depression

  • overcome your addiction to drugs, alcohol, sex, etc.

  • get the life-changing coaching that you need to find a healthier and better journey in life


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Our Metro Atlanta Metropolitan services areas include: Atlanta, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Marietta, Roswell, Decatur, Lawrenceville, Buckhead, Roswell, Duluth, Woodstock, Acworth, Sandy Springs, Symrna, Ellijay, and North Georgia.

(Disclaimer: All electronic communications are not guaranteed to be HIPPA compliant and/or secure and/or private. Individuals calling APPA or emailing the APPA front desk  assume full awareness and responsibility for their confidentiality and privacy. APPA staff are not responsible for your confidentiality and privacy from where you are calling us. Please ensure that you call from a securely private place when calling APPA about your mental health concerns.)

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