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Daniel P. David, Ph.D., LCSW - Men's Therapist

"I practice a guy-friendly approach to counseling, therapy, and life coaching for men. I work with men of all ages and walks of life who are seeking to find resolutions to their problems and to learn the art of self-mastery in order to achieve positive changes that lead to improved relationships, successful careers, and happier lives!"

Call now or text Melissa at 678-456-2911 to schedule a free consultation.

Academics and Training 

  • Postgraduate Trained in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy ~ University of Oxford (England)

  • Ph.D. in Human Services & Clinical Social Work ~ Walden University

  • Master of Social Work (MSW) ~ New York State University at Stony Brook

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy ~ Behavioral Tech, LLC

  • Mentalization-Based Therapy ~ McLean Hospital @ Harvard Medical & Anna Freud Centre

  • Ph.D. research in Resilience Psychology, Trauma & Compassion Fatigue

  • Member of the Oxford Psychotherapy Society, Oxford, England

  • Specializes in Male Psychology and Men's Issues for over 25 years

  • Therapist, Public Speaker, Podcast Host and Guest, Mental Health Educator

Dr. David is an experienced therapist and mental health educator. He completed his postgraduate psychotherapy training at the University of Oxford in England. He achieved his Ph.D. at Walden University in Clinical Social Work/Human Services. His doctoral research was in the areas of human resilience psychology, trauma, compassion fatigue, and clinical practice. He is skilled in Male Identity-Focused Therapy, Psycho-dynamic Therapy, Addiction Recovery, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Inner Child Work, Shadow Work, Unconscious Motivational Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Life Coaching. He is deeply versed in the areas of male identity development and the processes involved in emotional and psychological healing drawing from the works of Carl Jung's analytical psychology, archetypal psychology, the neuroscience of brain health, the holistic mind-body connection, nutrition, and Joseph Campbell's works around mythology and wisdom traditions for male initiation. He provides individual and group therapy for men in Atlanta.

His podcast Of Myths and Men with Jon A. Parker, LMFT, LPC is available here:


Focus and Background


Daniel P. David, Ph.D., LCSW specializes in working with men of all ages and all backgrounds from adolescents to corporate professionals, medical professionals, lawyers, small business owners, celebrities, college-aged men, young career seekers, and senior statesmen who desire to improve their lives and relationships.  Here are Dr. David's focus areas: 

  • 35+ Men:  Men around 38-42 years old start going through changes and start to re-evaluate their lives. Some men approaching their 40's may experience midlife crises. They may feel as though time is running out and that they are trapped in an identity or lifestyle that doesn't feel authentic.  Many men talk about feeling empty inside and that all of their previous accomplishments feel hollow.  They often feel pressure to break out of their relationships, jobs, or just change course in life in order to regain vitality and satisfaction with life. Later in life, men in their 50's and 60s have to reevaluate their lives in order to become regenerative and authentic with themselves, family, friends, and their communities. 

  • 20-Something Young Men:  Dr. David specializes in working with young men struggling with anxiety and depression,  stuck in limbo without direction in their lives, experiencing difficulty with relationships or  caught up in addictions.  He has helped young men through their "Quarter Life Crisis" periods when they enter their mid-twenties suddenly feeling as though they are running out of time, and they still haven't found direction for their lives and careers. Unfinished growth can carry over into a young man's early 30s. Moving from boyhood to manhood requires a process of "psychological male initiation." Dr. David utilizes Jungian concepts of The Male Archetypal Journey through male initiation and works by Joseph Campbell's Hero of a Thousand Faces along with the psychology of the Hero's Journey as an initiatory process for young men. 

  • Executive Workplace Consulting:  Dr. David works with C-Suite level executives, SVPs, VPs, D-level Directors, B-level middle management, business owners, business consultants, and other executives around workplace psychological consulting to address difficult issues with management and interpersonal office relationships. Executives also enhance their personal development in leadership, change management, critical thinking, decision-making, and conflict management. Interpersonal Emotional Intelligence in the workplace is important for successfully navigating professional relationships. Utilizing cognitive-behavioral strategies, Dr. David has helped many executives from the boardroom down to effectively navigate professional relationships, create a healthier corporate culture,  and to promote positive changes in the business work environment. Many men find the "feedback" provided by the workplace consulting extremely helpful to cope with work relationships, to uncover personal blind spots in work relationships, and to strategize for work and career moves. 


  • Addiction Recovery:  Dr. David understands the difficulty that most men have with using coping strategies that become unhealthy and life-controlling. He emphasizes a shame-free therapeutic relationship that coaches men through the ups and downs of recovery with your individualized goals for sobriety in mind. Dr. David encourages a more "holistic approach to recovery" that encourages psychotherapy, yoga, exercise, massage, good brain-nutrition, meditation, sleep, self-exploration along with family and community support.  He has helped scores of men who were particularly turned-off by the AA culture and/or religion. 


Your mental health and success are important!  Dr. David works with men who desire to achieve deep inner healing. He has worked with individuals and families in crisis for more than 25 years.


A Brief Background

Dr. David draws from his 20 years of real-world experiences outside the consultation room in addition to 17 years of clinical experience. After leaving the business and corporate finance world (Bear Sterns, Inc.) as a young man, he became an experienced community leader and ran a nonprofit agency and outreach program to street gangs in New York City as its executive director. He raised nearly a million dollars for various community programs through his business relationships in New York City.    Dr. David has also worked with corporate CEOs, public officials, business owners, doctors, lawyers, and other professionals to assist them through various personal and professional problems with themselves and within their work environments. 

He was recognized for his work with violent street gangs and gang prevention along with his community work and leadership by the New York City Mayor's office as well as the New York State Governor's office and NY State Senators. Furthermore, he also has international experience living and working abroad on projects in South Korea, Senegal (Africa), and in England. Additionally, he worked for two British government agencies in London and Oxfordshire that aided refugee asylum seekers fleeing from the ravages of both Bosnia and Somali wars. 

Dr. David works with men to get to the heart of deep and often hidden wounds that are behind most self-sabotage and self-destructive behaviors that cause life-controlling issues. He works with clients using great skill, care, sensitivity, and deep respect for each person.

He has a wide range of personal interests that include: space technology, particle physics, European soccer, English & German medieval history and castles, public speaking, podcasting, fencing competitionscuba diving, nutrition, mentoring young people, human rights advocacy, travel, neuroscience, etc.

He is also a dedicated father. 

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